Music Director

Tessa Catton received her Bachelor of Music in Performance from Queen's University, studying with Donelda Gartshore and later Jeanne Baxtresser and Nora Shulman. She received a Bachelor of Education from the University of Toronto and an ARCT, Gold medal in Performance, from the Royal Conservatory of Music. In addition to conducting the Lambton Concert Band, she is Principal Flute with the International Symphony Orchestra and a regular session member in numerous Celtic groups.She has released four recordings: Renaissance for piano, cello and flute; No Strings Attached for piano, clarinet and flute; 'Tis The Season, chistmas tunes for piano and flute and Wedding Sampler-50 wedding tunes- for flute and piano. Recently retired from a career in Music Education at the Elementary and Secondary level, she is still working with students in an after-school setting..

Lambton Concert Band Executive Team
President Karelyn Van Wynen
Vice-President Janice Furlotte
Treasurer Steve Spring
Stage Manager Mark Gledhill
Equipment Manager Larry Tanner
Secretary Amy Wettges
Promotions Manager Kevin Hucker
Social Manager Carol McLaughlin
Librarian Alison McLaughlin
Webmaster Nelson Montenegro
Section Leaders
Flute and Oboe Karelyn Van Wynen
Clarinet Janice Furlotte
Sax Lindsay Reynen
French Horn Jackie Koncovy
Trumpet Alison McLaughlin
Lower Brass Steve Spring
Percussion Tom Walter

- Lambton Concert Band Members -

Flute Bassoon French Horn
Lyndsey Barnes Richard Lloyd Pat Christie
Tawnya Brown Vicky Coolledge
Heather Guerette Alto Saxophone Eileen Kilbreath
Carole Mitro Wendy Cyr Jackie Koncovy
Dave Murray Pavel Kriz
Pat Regnier Judy Tanner Trombone
Allie Rogers Haley Walker Meghan Hawksworth
Dana Krizova Doug MacLaren
Karelyn van Wynen Tenor Saxophone Emily MacLaren
Amy Wettges Mark Gledhill Diane Penny
Pat Malito Steve Reeves
Clarinet Adam St. Clair
Roger Archambault Euphonium
Rachel Arseneau Baritone Saxophone Ken Christie
Ken Dennis Gerry Felsky Steve Spring
Janice Furlotte Tiffany Gilbert
Susan Gimpel Tuba
Bob Hext Trumpet Rob Houle
Dawn Lomax George Bracewell Pete Sambell
Michelle McKay Jim Belrose
Alexa Schmidt Kevin Hucker Percussion
Gwen Williamson Alison McLaughlin Harlin Braichet
Jared Power Tom Walter
Alto Clarinet Greg Robbins Shea Wellington
Travis Olsen Sid Rose
Don Vander Klok Keyboard
Bass Clarinet Joanne Vandervies Pat Christie
Brian Farrenkopf